Back to Manassas Park

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

BVBL has updates, including the new, sordid, and incredible details of yet another frame-up of Ruttenberg, which led to an attempted but aborted raid on Rack ‘n’ Roll by the Manassas Park police back in 2003.

David Ruttenberg has also filed the appeal in his civil rights suit to the 4th Circuit. You can read Ruttenberg’s brief here. He could use some help from advocacy groups in the form of amicus briefs.

I believe the ACLU has filed a brief on his behalf, or at least plans to. It’d be nice if groups like the Institute for Justice, the Virginia Institute, the Rutherford Institute or even Cato would consider filing similar briefs.

Keep your eyes on this site for some explosive, jaw-dropping new revelations in this case. I’ll likely report them sometime in the next week.

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