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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
  • Ex-SWAT commander convicted of drug distribution.
  • Be sure to read my colleague Dave Weigel’s excellent interview with Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R-Md.), one of just a few anti-war Republicans in Congress.
  • Blue corn farmers get the blues. Government cheers them up.
  • The AP looks at those $250,000 armored vehicles police departments across the country are snatching up, courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security. Note that these are even worse than the Pentagon giveways. These are taxpayer-funded DHS grants for homeland security. And the vast majority of them will be used in drug raids.
  • Bill Piper has a nice piece on the Johnston raid at the Huffington Post.
  • Yet another assault on the Castle Doctrine.
  • Man convicted of rape in 1982, and who has been prison for 24 years, is exonerated with DNA evidence. The Florida legislature then determines it has more important things to do than to authorize compensation for him. Via USA Today:

    “I’m not going to give an opinion on what’s fair and not fair. The Senate is not going to be put in a position where we’re doing it at the last minute,” Senate President Ken Pruitt said of the legislation, according to The Miami Herald. “Nothing good ever happens whenever you’re rushed or you work late.”

    He’ll now have to wait at least until the next legislative session.

  • New laws aim to deputize tech workers to turn in customers with child porn on their computers, continuing the troubling trend (see money laundering, online poker, and terror lists) of asking private citizens to turn one another in to authorities. This particular tactic has also been tried with people who work in photo labs. The results have been underwhelming.
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