I’m Out. Meet Your Guest Bloggers

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

I’m headed to the airport soon for a month-long stay in Buenos Aires.

I’ll probably post a few times a week, here and/or at Hit & Run, but I’m more or less aiming for a blog vacation. I’ll be working a bit more than half my time down there, then taking a vacation to do some traveling.

I have arranged for a roster of guest bloggers to keep you entertained. I’ll let them give longer introductions of themselves if they wish. But here are my brief intros:

First up is James Bovard, who I’m thrilled to have blogging here. Bovard’s Lost Rights was enormously influential on what I do now, and is one of the half-dozen or so books I’d recommend to anyone flirting with libertarianism. Bovard’s written many books (his latest is Attention Deficit Democracy), been published just about everywhere, and is a giant among people who care about liberty.

Second is Mark Hemingway, a terrific writer who’s currently a correspondent with Market News International, and a regular contributor to the Weekly Standard. His cover story on Blackwater a few months ago was outstanding.

Third is my former colleague Gene Healy, a with whom regular readers are probably already familiar. Gene’s funny, pithy, a fantastic writer, and slightly curmudgeonly. In a good way. He’s currently working on a book about the imperial presidency.

Finally, welcome Ryan Grim, a fast-rising journalist who has written some excellent drug war pieces for Slate, as well as for his previous employer the Washington City Paper. He’s now a reporter with the Politico. He’s working on a book on the drug war.

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