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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Greg L. has also has a good post up this morning about the Rack ‘n’ Roll case. He spoke with one of the people who have recently attempted to buy Ruttenberg’s club. The woman speaks of some strange interactions she had with Manassas Park city officials when they learned of her interest in the pool hall.

This of course is directly related to the city of Manassas Park’s strange and secretive “settlement offer” Greg and I reported on several months ago. If you’ll remember, the city offered to “let” Ruttenberg sell his club and to give him “peace,” if he promised to drop the city officials from his federal lawsuit and stop the “Internet and media attacks.” He didn’t have to drop his lawsuit against the city itself, mind you. Manassas Park taxpayers would still be on the hook for the malfeasance of their public servants. No, the settlement offer was an attempt only to save the individuals named in Ruttenberg’s suit.

To his credit, Ruttenberg refused.

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