The Cho Video Hour

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

I agree with Jim Henley.

NBC did the right thing in releasing parts of Cho’s videos. Learning that there was virtually nothing to learned from them (in other words, that Cho was simply deranged) is, after all, something learned. In fact, it’s almost comforting to know that the reason for the massacre may have been no more than that this guy’s head just wasn’t put together right, as opposed to him being some fanatic with a coherent agenda (like, say, the Unabomber).

Look at it this way: Suppose NBC had sat on or destroyed the videos. It would inevitably come out that the network possessed or at one time possessed them, and had decided to keep them from the public. Then what? Well, I can tell you one thing. All of the talk radio hosts now bashing NBC for exploiting the tragedy would have been all over the network for “hiding something,” the most likely theory inevitably being Cho’s phantom connection to Islamic terrorism.

More information is almost always a good thing.

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