Five-Star Friday

Friday, April 20th, 2007

This week’s five-star song is “Captain Badass,” by Songs: Ohia.

The band is really just one guy, Jason Molina, who started in heavy metal, then moved to indie rock, and has worked all sorts of other styles into his music since. He’s not all that well known, though he did release a half-and-half LP with My Morning Jacket back in 2002, before the latter made it big.

“Captain Badass” is a bare bones, acoustic tune that’s about a guy prepared to carry on with an affair with a woman he knows will eventually burn him–and not particularly caring. The song’s driven by Molina’s convincing, just a little off-key vocals, and the short, staccato strums of his guitar. It’s good music to brood to–rainy day music.

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