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Sunday, February 18th, 2007

I haven’t been doing my part on the Rack n’ Roll case, mostly because my time’s been sucked up by other commitments. But Black Velvet Bruce Li has been dutifully running off outrageous post after outrageous post.

Now, the city of Manassas Park has sent him sent him a cease and desist letter, claiming he’s publishing “false and defamatory” information about city officials and employees. He writes:

I’m actually somewhat surprised by this, as everything I’ve said is true is backed up by video, audio, transcripts of testimony under oath, sworn statements, and/or multiple sources. Everything I’ve said on this matter is not only true to the best of my knowledge, but the evidence that supports this perspective on Manassas Park’s current regime is truly massive. If the City of Manassas Park decided to pursue a defamation case against me and put themselves in the position of being subjected to the degree of discovery a case like this would likely permit, it would give me all of the evidence now held by the city which has so far been denied David Ruttenberg, and would allow him to conclusively prevail in his five million dollar lawsuit against the city and many of it’s officers. That would be a positive outcome for justice, which has been denied for far too long.

A lawsuit like this would also give tremendous visibility to this scandal. I’ve become a somewhat notable website for local politics, but my readership is nothing close to the daily circulation of the media outlets which cover the area and I harbor no illusions about my significance outside of the political junkies and the occasionally curious. Having a locality file a lawsuit against a political blogger would probably be a pretty significant story and splash the Rack & Roll Scandal into the public consciousness in a way that I could never do. That would be a positive outcome for the citizens of Manassas Park, who deserve better government which such publicity might help to cause.

He’s exactly right. Which is why I think they’re bluffing. Manassas Park is governed by fools, but they can’t possibly be this foolish.

He plans to neither cease nor desist. Good for him. I plan to get back to covering the case, too. Though with less valiance than BVBL — no one has yet sent me any fun letters.

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