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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
  • Signs that the DOJ is now looking at going after investros in overseas gambling companies. Pretty scary development. In the past, it’s generally been legal for a U.S. citizen to invest in a company that’s legal in the country where it’s incorporated (with a few exceptions, of course).
  • Fascinating new study shows that the demeanor, age, race, and personal habits of the police officer who pulls you over are troublingly influential in determining whether or not you get arrested.
  • The Department of Homeland Security gives border security grants to the state of Arkansas to use to patrol the highways for drug offenders. How many things can you find wrong with that sentence?
  • Interesting article on the marijuana legalization bill now before the New Hampshire legislature. My friends at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition tell me that the police officials who testified against the bill did so in uniform, while on duty. Meaning the taxpayers paid them to come testify before a piece of legislation. The brave officer and LEAP member who testified in favor the bill, on the other hand, came on his own time, and paid his own expenses.
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