Cory Maye Justice Fund

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Bob Evans, Cory’s lawyer, writes to say that Cory’s justice fund is now at a zero balance.

As I’ve previously written, legal expenses for Cory are no longer a problem. Covington and Burling is footing the bill for his defense. But Cory’s family is rather poor. And he of course can’t support his kids from prison.

So once Covington came on board, Cory used the fund to help his family make the trip from Monticello, Mississippi to Parchman Farm where he’s imprisoned. Evans says it’s about seven hours round-trip, and that these trips have become more important in keeping Cory’s spirits up since his motion for a new trial was denied a few weeks ago. As I’ve previously mentioned, one important benefit to being in the general population instead of on death row is that Cory can now have “contact visits.” Meaning he can touch and hug his son and daughter when they visit.

Some of the money was also deposited into Cory’s prison account for personal items, stamps, pens, paper, and such. And the remainder was used by Cory to support his kids, notably to buy them some Christmas gifts last month.

If you’re interested in contributing, the information is below. But please do so knowing that you’d be contributing to more of the same sorts of expenses. This is not a legal defense fund.

Evans says that Cory signed off on all withdrawals from the account, and he’s happy to provide an accounting of when the withdrawals were made to anyone who has donated or is considering donating. Evans also says that both he and Cory have tried to provide written acknowledgment of each contribution.

Here’s the address:

Cory Maye Justice Fund
c/o R.E. Evans
P.O. Box 636
Monticello, MS 39654

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