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Monday, January 8th, 2007

Black Velvet Bruce Lee has more videotape from the continuing campaign against Rack n’ Roll pool hall owner David Ruttenberg.

Here’s the first tape. And here’s the second.

Comment on the first tape: This is the one I told you about, where a Rack n’ Roll customer was weirdly arrested for “indecent exposure” when he stepped outside the pool hall to tuck in his shirt.

Comment on the second tape: I actually hadn’t seen this video, though Ruttenberg had told me the story. Strange as the whole thing sounds, it’s about par for the course in this case.

I tend not to buy into government conspiracy theories. Not because I don’t think government officials lack the will or the intent to carry them out, but because they usually lack the competence. That’s what made the whole Manassas Park affair so believable: The incredible ineptitude and buffoonery of the people who have it out for David Ruttenberg. Be it an odd mayor jumping out of the bushes in the wee hours of the morning to lure a reporter away from the story, or, in this case, police sending an ex-con into Ruttenberg’s bar in a transparent attempt to lure him into a scheme to buy off a Manassas Park police officer.

Note too that the only reason we know about this incident is that Ruttenberg wired himself, as he’s done for most of his personal interactions over the last several years. It’s vital that the people retain the right to record police officers — and the people who work for them.

I’ll have details about another hilarious, even more inept attempt to entrap Ruttenberg a bit later.

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