Learning From Goose Greek

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Apparently, the infamous South Carolina school raid and ensuing lawsuit had little effect on other school administrators:

About 30 police officers, narcotics detectives and five drug-sniffing dogs descended on Bonneville High School in Washington Terrace on Tuesday in a search for drugs being dealt out of lockers and hallways.

The officers walked away empty handed.

“I’m not disappointed — but surprised,” Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Burns said Wednesday. “I was expecting to come out of there with more in hand.”

Burns said he still considers the search a win.

“They know we’re watching them. They know we’ll give them some attention,” he said.

Investigators with the Weber County Sheriff’s Office and the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force began looking into drug dealing at the school with a list of names of students possibly involved. On Tuesday morning during second period, deputies said they converged on Bonneville High and began searching lockers and pulling students out of class.


“We didn’t find anything at the school, which is a good sign,” Burns said. “But it’s got to be somewhere.”

I have no doubt that they’ll keep looking.

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