Self Promotion

Friday, October 6th, 2006
  • I have a piece on Cory Maye in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution. You can also listen to me discuss the case here on a Cato podcast.
  • I’m quoted in this Fox News article on junk food in public schools.
  • I’m also quoted in this NY Press piece on trans fats.
  • And in this Max Borders article on traffic cameras in the Washington Examiner.
  • One thing I was hoping might happen with the botched raid map is that people would use it to find mishaps near where they live, then use those incidents in an op-ed or letter to the editor. Ron Fraser of the DKT Liberty Project did just that. Fraser wrote an op-ed on the overuse of SWAT teams, then sent it to papers all over the country. But he localized the piece by substituting in different incidents that took place near where the paper is published. By my count, he has placed the piece in several papers in Texas, as well as papers in Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Virginia. Here’s one in the Roanoke Times.
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