Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Tuesday night, Chicago:

A Harvey man said some 30 police officers burst into his home Tuesday night and during the raid shot to death two of his dogs, including a 6-month-old pit bull.

Ty Johnson, 49, of the 14700 block of Washington Avenue said police were screaming “Search warrant! Search warrant!” but failed to produce one at the scene. Harvey officials dispute that.

Johnson said police ordered him, his wife and 19-year-old daughter to hit the floor as they picked over every room in the house in the hourlong raid. No one was arrested.

Police didn’t say what they wanted but turned the home inside out, fishing through drawers and under the bathroom sink, he said.


Sandra Alvarado, spokeswoman for the Harvey Police Department, said officers followed the law and did supply residents with a copy of a search warrant. Alvarado said police were looking for a person, contraband, weapons or ammunition. She said they found what they were looking for, but declined to elaborate. Alvarado said pit bulls have been prohibited in the city since 1987 and that both animals charged police. Johnson said his dogs were running away from police when they were shot. One of the dogs was hit so hard she came out of her collar, he said.

“They weren’t going toward the gate, but running away from them,” he said. “The puppy was running toward me. The dogs were not going after the police.”

Police usually exaggerate what they find in these raids. That they’re keeping quiet on this one suggests they didn’t find much of anything.

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