Boobie Raid Gone Wrong

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Sheriff’s deupties turn an elderly couple’s home upside down in a pornography raid. Get the wrong house. Apologize.

Half a dozen sheriff’s vehicles converged on the house, and after taking photographs outside Hines told officers within hearing of the neighbors, “Now let’s go inside and get some porn,” the owner said.

“It’s like the gang that can’t do it right,” he said. “They shoot themselves in the foot and then they all come to make peace…

“What would you do if somebody came to your door and ripped your whole house apart, turned everything upside down and said you are a porno freak?”

Among the confiscated items were copies of “The Lion King” and “Snow White,” found in a bedroom where the couple’s granddaughter stays when she comes to visit, the man said.


Knezovich said he plans to adopted a more structured system for checking facts in search warrants, adding that Hines probably would not be disciplined.

“I could see it if it was a blatant lack of diligence,” the sheriff said, “but sometimes things like that happen. A number can get transposed.”

My emphasis added, for the benefit of Justice Scalia.

CORRECTION: I inadvertently linked to a Seattle Times account of this raid, while quoting from a Seattle Post Intelligencer account. The story quoted above is here.

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