Clarion-Ledger Columnist Calls for New Trial

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Eric Stringfellow, in today’s paper:

Maye had no criminal record, and officers found only traces of one marijuana cigarette inside the apartment. There also was testimony that the front of the officers’ clothing was not marked with any law enforcement insignia.

Why would someone with no criminal history and with nothing to hide inside his home do something that seems so out of character, like knowingly shoot a police officer?

There also are questions about the validity of some information in the warrant to search Maye’s apartment. When coupled with other elements, this doesn’t sound like justice.

Yes. Maye fatally wounded a police officer. But in giving Maye the benefit of the doubt about the officers’ identities, a capital murder conviction and death penalty sounds extreme.

What’s clear is Maye deserves a new trial and a fresh look at the evidence.

His life is at stake. And like everyone else, he is entitled to justice.

For reasons I’ll get into later, I actually think the appropriate remedy is for the judge to determine that as a matter of law, a jury could not have found Cory guilty, enter a “not guilty” verdict, and set him free.

But a new trial would certainly be preferable to death or life in prison.

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