How Many Are There?

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

One of the points I try to emphasize whe explaining the raid map to people is that it doesn’t claim to be — and by all accounts is nowhere near — comprehensive. I suspect that the vast majority of these raids go unreported.

Yesterday provided more evidence that that’s the case. I posted my account of the Cheryl Lynn Noel case on, hoping to draw some attention to the Noel family’s lawsuit. The link didn’t make it to the main Fark board, but if you’re a subsciber to Total Fark, you can read the comments discussion here.

In the comments came this account of another botched raid in Baltimore (note: I cleaned up the grammar and punctuation a bit):

Four years ago I was involved in a SWAT team raid on a female college buddy of mine’s place. They kicked the door in and 2 flashbang grenades came flying in. One landed like a foot from where we were sitting on the couch and went off. My mouth was open at the time, which made it worse. My right ear was bleeding.

My female friend jumped up from the couch STUNNED and was promptly smacked right in the head with a batton and knocked to the floor (She’s 5’2″ and 110lbs). An officer then put me in a strangle hold over the back of the couch and dragged me over the couch. Continued choking me untill I almost lost consciousness, while another officer had his gun in my face.

My pal Jay was over by the window and was THROWN half way through the living room onto the still-hot flashbang before being handcuffed himself (Later, Officers would say that he appeared to be ‘attempting to escape out of the window [note: 2nd story of an apartment building. No fire escape.]).

After, the three of us were handcuffed and forced to lay face down in broken glass. They sat us on the couch while the officers literally smashed and broke everything that survived the glass-shattering effects of the flashbang. We were taken into custony on suspicion of drug charges pending the rest of the search.

Later that night, we were released when the team realized that in the remarkably carbon-copied apartment complex, their middle-of-the-night warrant was supposed to be served on the same apartment number in the building next door.

Hows that for a slice of fried gold?!

Heh… Welcome to Baltimore!

I put an email out to the guy asking him to contact me. I found no account of this raid in my research. Given how the Baltimore media covered the Noel case (which is to say, barely at all), that’s not particularly suprising.

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