Will They Get Their Stuff Back?

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Corruption in small-town Virginia:

A small-town mayor in Virginia faces some 240 charges for alleged election fraud and corruption.

He’s one of 14 people charged in what prosecutors say was a scheme to take over the town council of Wise, Virginia. Among those indicted were two police officers.


To make sure they won the election in 2004, prosecutors say the defendants offered town residents cigarettes, alcohol, and even pork rinds for their votes.

Yes, I know. You’re laughing at the pork rinds. Here’s where it gets scary:

Prosecutors say once the schemers took power, the police department engaged in drug trafficking, and money and personal possessions were illegally seized from residents.

I’m wondering if the money and personal possessions were returned, or if the proceeds from the seizures still sit in the town/police department treasury.

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