Richard Paey vs. SWAT

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

I don’t know why, but it never occured to me that Richard Paey might have been apprehended by a SWAT team when officials in Florida decided to nail him for daring to relieve his own pain. It should have, given that they’re often deployed to bust up convalescent centers where sick people are treated with marijuana.

So I spoke with Linda Paey, his wife. Sure enough. Linda says a full-on SWAT team stormed the Paey’s home the night they came for Richard. They kicked open the door, and stormed the house with assault weapons, armor, and black ski masks. They did have the courtesy to dispense with the concussion grenade.

Lest you’ve forgotten, Richard Paey is a paraplegic. He sits in a wheelchair, and can’t use his legs. He suffers from mutliple sclerosis and debilitating back pain caused by a car accident and a botched spinal surgery. Investigators were aware of all of this.

Linda Paey is an optometrist. They have two school-aged children. No one in the family has a criminal record, nor any history of violence.

Any military fetishists out there want to explain why the SWAT team was necessary in this one?

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