More MADD Staffing of Sobriety Checkpoints

Friday, November 25th, 2005

An Agitator reader in Trenton, New Jersey writes to say that cops put up a roadblock on the street behind his home over the holiday. The large diesel generator they used to light up the roadblock apparently kept him awake.

I went out to investigate, and there are a number of police vehicles plus a number of civilians dressed in warm (and colorful) winter garb. I spoke to one of the latter, she indicated that they were from MADD.

I called the Trenton Police and the response was essentially that “it was advertised in the paper,” and that we should have seen it and, “maybe should have went out of town tonight.” This is our HOME, for God’s sake! I was told by the Police Supervisor that this happened atcthe behest of Police Chief Santiago.

They will be there, making a racket, until 2 AM EST, or so I was told.

Letting activists staff these checkpoints is really troubling.

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