I don’t drink Brass Monkey, I like the beat funky…

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

…nickname “Agitator,” yo’ 8-Ball junky.

Okay, I haven’t had malt liquor since college.

But I couldn’t resist the temptation to quote Eazy as an intro to this: A Chicago alderman wants to ban the 40. Quote:

“I’m not talking about banning it completely. Just don’t sell these individual bottles over the counter. . . . The people who buy this usually do not have the money to buy a six-pack or more. They come out of the liquor store — this is what they’ve got in their hand: a bottle of this 40-ounce stuff. I went to one store. He told me this was his biggest seller. Who does he sell it to? He sells it to alcoholics and drunks.”

Nothing wrong with the white Northside white woman who gets tipsy after a long day with a $24.99 bottle of Chablis. But $1.99 for 40 ounces of malt? Why….only poor people would drink that stuff! Poor black people! We can’t have poor black people drinking.

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    S-t-crooked I-d-e-s-

    Chicago politician wants to ban 40oz beers. I was a St. Ides fan in my youth, but most of the guys I hung out with drank Olde English 800 or Crazy Horse. I saw a lawyer drinking a 40 at…