Torture? G’head.

Wednesday, March 5th, 2003

So what should we do if the captured Sheik Jeremy doesn’t talk? And let’s face it, he ain’t gonna’ talk.

Should we torture him?

I think so. He’s not an American citizen. He wasn’t born here, or captured here. He’s “an enemy combatant,” if ever there was a time to use the phrase.

An interesting debate broke out on MSNBC last night (that’s one sentence I thought I’d never write). And Pat Buchanan made a great point (that’s another).

Buchanan was interviewing syndicated columnist Mona Charen, who supports the war with Iraq, but opposes torture.

How is it, Buchanan asked, that a smart person could support a war that will certainly kill hundreds, probably thousands of innocent Iraqis — and a good number of Americans — in the name of preventing another 9/11, but not support torturing a man who has made no bones about his desire to murder as many Americans as possible, if doing so might prevent another 9/11?

I say do whatever is necessary to extract from this bozo what he’s already planned, what he’s planning, and where we need to look to find the guys who are still planning.

If my government needs to pry off a few al-Qaeda fingernails to prevent another catastrophe, I’ll sleep just fine, thankyouverymuch.

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